Silent Fists


Jax goes to his job at the Slippery Eel only to have the barkeeper hand him a week’s pay and tell him that he isn’t needed anymore. When Jax tires to argue, he feels a sharp point pressed up against his back and a smoky smooth female voice urges him to the door. Once outside, Jax tries to turn suddenly on his captor, only to discover that 1) she has anticipated this move and has moved out of reach and 2) her weapon isn’t a knife, but a hand crossbow. She urges him toward a dark alley. By the time Jax reaches the alley, he realizes that she has left the scene. Jax could not make out any distinguishing features due to the woman’s carefully arranged hood.

The party attempts a stakeout of the Slippery Eel, but this goes badly. After a few warning shots are fired from the rooftops, Jax tries to climb up onto the buildings to get at the sniper, only to find the same feminine figure from before. He gives chase, but after a running, leaping pursuit spanning several buildings and many dangerous jumps, is unable to gain ground and is now separated from the party. Things get worse when his quarry manipulates something on her belt and disappears into thin air.

The party says ‘Fuck this’ and calls it a night.

The next day, the party exchanges notes and realizes the significance of Iolon’s research. They decide not to visit Ghelves’ shop during the day, which might tip their hand, but instead watch it covertly at night. In the wee hours of the morning, a cloaked figure walks up to the shop’s door and knocks. The figure is greeted by a similar cloaked being. After some brief muttering that was too soft for the distant party to overhear, the first one enters the shop and the second one walks out the door and begins heading down the street.

Ghelves stakeout

The party dispatches Jax to follow the figure. He is able to successfully creep up on it and threaten it with his kama. Before Jax can react, the figure whips out a rapier and attacks (he had the Quick Draw feat). After a short battle, Jax kills his opponent and throws back the hood to discover something very unusual:




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