Silent Fists


The next day, party splits up and begins their investigation. Iolon heads off to talk to the city guard and also investigate some of the crime scenes. Jax and Ghydwr get a letter of introduction from Jenya and head off to orphanage to do their own interviews. The party agrees that it is in everyone’s best interest for Belben to continue to keep his head down.

  • Iolon talks to Sgt. Krewis of the city guard. The guard is more of a militia than a police force, and modern standards of investigation don’t exist in the D&D world, so progress has been poor. Krewis at least had the wits and organization to collate a list of the victims and the time and place of their disappearances.
    • 25 people have vanished over the last two months
    • All of the victims were middle-class homeowners
    • They are of various ages, race, and gender
    • There are usually signs of a struggle, but never signs of a forced entry
    • Krewis suspects either the Last Laugh or the Alleybashers, but has no proof
    • Krewis does not think that the goblins are responsible. The goblins are always noisy as hell and seem to be more interested in vandalism than looting or kidnapping
    • Krewis would be happy to suck Iolon’s dick
  • Iolon checks out some of the victims’ homes, and talks with the neighbors
    • One person insists that he saw figures leaping across the rooftops the night of his neighbors’ disappearance. The same person has also heard rumors of halfings creeping about at night, and thinks that a gang of halfing rogues is responsible

      (like many rumors, this a mixture of partial truths. The rooftop jumpers were part of a Last Laugh training exercise, and the ‘halfing sightings’ were actually dark creepers. The two phenomenon were completely unrelated)

    • A gnomish woman idly remarks that once an entire town of gnomes vanished without a trace. She then tells a whimsical story of a gnome who poured so much of his energy into his creative efforts that he gradually faded into nothing, leaving only his art behind.

      (This is a half-remembered and badly distorted account of The Vanishing. The purported link between intense creative work and The Vanishing is partially true. Of course, none of this has any relevance to the recent disappearances, which are the result of mundane kidnappings).

    • Iolon notices that all of the victims took personal security seriously, which makes the lack of forced entry all the more mysterious. Iolon quickly realizes that the only reliable source of masterwork locks in Cauldron is Keygen Ghelves, a gnomish locksmith and one of the city’s finest craftsmen.

Jax and Ghdwhyr arrive at the Lantern Street Orphanage. The orphanage was founded by Lord and Lady Vanderboren when the noble couple discovered that they could not produce children of their own. The Vanderborens have ended up adopting several of the orphans, most notably Todd Vanderboren of the Stormblades. Fun fact: The Vandborens own the apartment complex that is currently the Silent Fist’s homebase.

  • J&G meet Sir Tercival standing outside of the front entrance. He wasn’t present during the kidnappings and doesn’t have much to add.
  • The interview with the headmistress and staff confirms Ruphius’ finding that they don’t know shit
  • When it is time to interview Patch, it is discovered that he has ‘left on an errand’
  • Jax breaks into Patch’s room while Ghydwyr distracts the headmistress. A quick search of the room turns up a purse containing several jester-stamped coins
  • The two Fists also note that the service entrance in back has been recently oiled and turns silently in its hinges. No other door in the building has received this level of maintenance.
  • They decide to leave the building and stake it out from a nearby alley. Patch finally returns a few hours later. The Fists quickly make an unannounced return and corner Patch in his room.
    • Patch spills his guts
      • Patch was paid by ‘a mysterious man’ at the Slippery Eel to keep an eye on Terrance, a red-headed eight year-old boy and recent arrival to the orphanage.
      • He was only supposed to ‘keep an eye’ on him and report via letter if anything ‘unusual’ happened
      • Patch has worked at the orphanage for 20 years and is well loved by the children. He insists that he would never do anything to endanger them and that the kidnappings have nothing to do with his mysterious side job.
      • When confronted about the back door, Patch sheepishly admits that he has been spending his new found gold in the docks district. A bit of prodding reveals that he has grown sweet on one of the prostitutes working there.
      • Patch has been sneaking out at night to visit his new ‘friend.’ He was terrified of being caught by the headmistress, so he carefully oiled the hinges to make it easy to slip in and out.
      • Working the lock makes too much noise, so he has been deliberately leaving it unlocked on nights that he plans on going out. The children vanished on one of these nights.

        -Patch was only telling enough information to get the party off of his back. His involvement was a bit deeper than he revealed. He was actually a low-level member of the Last Laugh, and not just a hired stooge. The Last Laugh knew about Ruphius’s investigation because when Patch went on his ‘errand’ yesterday, he went to the Slippery Eel and told them about it. The ‘errand’ that Patch went on today also took him to the Slippery Eel, where he collected a nice bonus for giving the names and descriptions of these new interlopers. This will end up badly complicating Jax’s life in a few hours. None of this matters anymore, because Patch abruptly quit his job the next day and vanished from Cauldron.



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