Silent Fists


Jax quickly reconvenes with the party. All four members agree on a frontal assault on the keymaker’s shop. Belben knocks down the door and the other three swarm into the shop front. Keygen Ghelves himself is still awake and is fretting about behind the counter. He looks at the armed party and immediately comprehends their purpose.

Ghelves shop ground01

“It’s upstairs. Hurry, don’t let it escape!”

Jax and Iolon, being the most mobile of the team, dart up the stairs, with Gwydhyr taking up the rear and Belben staying behind to watch the keysmith. A cloaked figure tries to ambush Jax from behind a dividing curtain. In the ensuing battle, the intruder gets forcibly ejected from the building via the bay window.

Ghelves battle1

Gwydhyr moves quickly to stabilize they dying creature, which is revealed to be a grey skinned being like the one killed by Jax previously. Not really sure what to do with their captive, the Fists decide to transport it to Iolon’s family wine cellar. Gwydhyr and Jax stay behind to question the keysmith.

  • What was learned from Keygen Ghelves
    • Ghelves lives in his shop, along with his young niece. His home was one of the first buildings targeted.
    • The kidnappers took his niece away, but decided to keep him under house arrest. Ever since that night, there has been an intruder lurking in the back room of his shop, watching and listening to his every move.
    • The intruders have been coercing him to make keys to match his own locks, using his niece as a bargaining chip.
    • His own personal guard gets changed out every 24 hours, a process that the Fists just witnessed themselves.
    • The intruders seem to be composed of two different races, which Ghelves simply calls “The Tall Ones” and “The Short Ones.” The grey skinned humanoids encountered tonight are “The Tall Ones.”
    • Now that he’s been exposed, the intruders have no reason to continue to honor their side of the bargain, if indeed they ever had been honoring it to begin with. Ghelves is emphatic that the Fists take immediate and complete action. “You must get ALL of them!”

Communicating with the Tall One proves to be difficult, since it doesn’t share a common language. Jax and Iolon recognize the creature’s speech as Undercommon, but no one in the party speaks that dialect. Jax knows a half-orc prostitute (co-incidentally, of course) that knows a smattering of Undercommon. This is probably not the first time she was paid to do work in a noble’s basement in the presence of five men of various races, and this was certainly a welcome change of pace from her usual line of work. The language barrier is severe, and the quality of information suffers because of it.

  • Questioning the Tall One
    • Where do the missing people go?
      • Sell to half-a-dwarf, down below
    • Who is that?
      • He is half-a-dwarf
    • How many of you are there?
      • Two or three dozen
    • Is Ghelves’ niece still alive?
      • What half-a-dwarf does with the livestock is his business. I like to keep it that way.
    • How do you get to the surface?
      • Through tunnel, into sewer, onto street
    • Take us there
      • Yes, but let me go once I show you the way

With some prodding, the strange being shows the party a sewer grate in the ghetto district. Going underground and following the sewer tunnel, the party discovers a section of wall that has been demolished, revealing a passage down into the dark. Lighting up Belben’s helmet with a light spell, the party forces their captive down the tunnel, following it closely behind.

Sewer grate



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