Cathedral of Wee Jas

EmbrilHigh Priestess Embril Aloustani: A talented woman, Embril has attained a position in the church hiearchy usually occupied by someone twenty years her senior. As much an administrator as a priest, Embril has successfully kept the church finances in the black while simultaneously improving and expanding both the physical church and its sphere of operations.
Embril herself performs funeral rites for the wealthy and powerful, and it is her prayers that preserve the community graveyard and ensure that the dead stay dead. Otherwise, she prefers to keep to herself and is rarely seen in public.

What she says: “Wee Jas is a being of grace and dignity, and so we too must be graceful and dignified in all things.”
What others say: “Nice lady, but as cold as the graves that she safeguards.”

IkeIke Iverson: Iverson is the second-in-command of the church of Wee Jas, and does much of the day-to-day work. His gregarious demeanor contrasts with his superior’s aloof personality, a difference which has probably strengthened their professional relationship more than strained it. The public ministrations are all done by either Iverson or acolytes selected by him, and he also performs most of the miracle-working for members of the flock that are in need. His public presence is so much stronger than Embril’s that he is frequently mistaken to be the high priest, a misconception that he quickly and politely corrects.

What he says: “Wee Jas cares about you. Yes, you. She wants us all to have excellent lives so that we may enter the next life without neither care nor burden. You should come to the service this evening. Newcomers are always welcome.”
What others say: “Great guy. He saved my life during the filth fever plague. I hope that when I face Wee Jas, I’ll be as light and buoyant as he is.”

Temple of Torm

Father Sarcem (deceased): Father Sarcem was the high priest of the Cauldron cult of Torm. He was a central figure in Cauldron policy, having helped found and organize the annual Flood Festival. Long after the other churches lost interest in the practical aspects of the Festival, Sarcem continued to advocate for the maintenance of the wands of water control as a check against another disastrous rainy season.

Father Sarcem’s last earthly act was to travel to Tuernay to purchase materials for a new set of freshly charged wands of flood control. He was killed by brigands led by the Waking Dream during the sack of the Lucky Monkey roadhouse.

What he said: “The good of the community is also the good of the individual.”

What others say: “A terrible waste of a good man.”

Jenya Urikas: After Sarcem’s death, Jenya was left in charge of the temple of Torm. She has been particularly active in matters of law and order, a stance that has both put her at odds with Tereseon Skellerang and gained his respect.

TercivalSir Alek Tercical: A paladin of Torm, Alek officially operates outside of the cult’s formal hierarchy. He has just recently returned for a self-imposed assignment to Redgorge, investigating claims of activity in the Demonskar region.

Sir Tercival takes his role as a knight of law and justice very seriously. While technically of noble birth, Sir Tercival minimizes his involvement with nobility of Cauldron.

What he says: “People can be broken and their pleasures just as easily as by their troubles.”

What others say: “It’s hard talking to a man that can look into your soul.”

Temple of Lathander

Father Belmorn (legally dead): A born native of Cauldron, Belmorn always had an interest in his roots. Over the span of his life, he constructed what is probably the most comprehensive and
and far reaching genealogy of Cauldron, sometimes reaching all the way back to the founding of the city itself. Collecting this information meant talking to damn near everybody, and there are few people in Cauldron that haven’t me the man at least once in their lives.

Father Belmorn simply did not show up one morning for the weekly services and hasn’t been seen since.

Father Chorster (legally dead): Along with Father Belmorn, Father Chorster headed the local cult of Lathander. He was fascinated with the life beyond, and was something of an informal expert in the outer planes. In Father Belmormn, he found a strange sense of kinship, with the being absorbed by the question of origins and the other in the question of endings. He vanished on the same day that Belmorn did and has since been declared legally dead.

KrystofKristof Jorgenson: With the abrupt loss of the two senior priests, Kristof found himself unexpectedly in charge of the temple of Lathander. His strenth fo miracles is weak weaker than that of the other high priests, and no one is more aware of his unfitness of his role than himself.

Kristof believes that the church is being actively plotted against. He thinks it is only a matter of time before either the clergy of Wee Jas or agents of the Twin Gods displace the church altogether.

What he says: “If the spire of Wee Jas gets any taller, it’ll start blocking the morning rays from the temple of Lathander. That damn woman Embril is doing it on purpose.”

What others say: “When you think about, three spirits departed that night. Belmorn, Corster, and Kristof’s sanity.”

Shrine of Kord

buttzAsfelkir Leurt: This physically imposing half-orc is the head of the cult of Kord. Asfelkir is openly contemptuous of material pursuits, and the Spartan nature of the shrine itself is a matter of deliberate choice.

The cult’s meager physical presence belies its considerable popular influence. The church of Kord has long organized and run Cauldron’s athletic competitions, and the shrine has about as many regular worshipers as the church of Torm. It also offers grueling bootcamp-style training regimens for supplicants who can demonstrate that they are serious about improving themselves.

What he says: “Everything is garbage. You are garbage. Work harder. Stop being garbage”
What others say: “I wouldn’t want to train with him unless my life depended on it. But if it did, he would be the man to go to.”

The Church of the Universal Spirit

Shebeleth Regidin: Founded and led by Shebeleth Regidin, the Universal Spirit considers itself to be more of a “movement” rather than a “church.” Rather than stressing devotion to the gods, it emphasizes the virtues of self knowledge and human achievement. Its message of spiritually without mysticism has made it especially popular amongst the elite of Cauldron, many of whom are innately suspicious of theocratic power.

Shebeleth himself is an exotic sight. He is rail thin and shaved bald, and wears a strange purple gem (his “third eye”) on his forehead. He never dines with the supplicants, and according to rumor, he has achieved such a high level of enlightenment that he no long even needs to eat.

Meetings of the “congregation” mostly consist of group meditation, with Shebeleth offering private sessions for interested parties that are willing to pay his “tutoring fees.”

What he says: “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.”
What others say: “Self-actualization is a simply delicious novelty. Everyone should try it at least once” – The Lady Rhiavaldi


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