Conversation with Treasure Chest

  • One of the rooms contains an unusually gregarious and well-socialized mimic. A large treasure chest in the center of the room suddenly sprouts a mouth and bellows “MORE HUMANS! HOW INNNNNTERESTING!!!!”
    • When asked for it’s name, the mimic responds with a complex sequence of odors. It says you can just call him Treasure Chest, because that’s what he is.
    • Treasure Chest clearly enjoys conversation, and complains that the hobgoblins that feed him aren’t very talkative.
      • Wait, hobgoblins?
        • Yes,. There are hobgoblins in the levels below Jzadirune. The skulks and creepers are turning their captives over to them.
      • Creepers?
        • Jzadirune used to be inhabited by only creepers, lead by the “SCARY TALL ONE CALLED YAUTHYB.” The skulks invaded from below, sent as scouts by the hobgoblins. Eventually, the two races made peace and now both make money by tunneling up to the surface and fetching slaves for the hobgoblins.
    • What did do you mean by “more humans?”
      • There was another group of surfacers rummaging through Jzadirune several weeks prior. Like the Fists, they clearly didn’t belong here. Treasure Chest isn’t very familiar with surface races. He describes the intruders as:
        • A short, stout woman. “A CLEVER, SNEAKY ONE!”


        • A short man, “HAIRY, BUT NOT ON HIS HEAD!”


        • “A PAINTED LADY!”



          (Tongue Eater and Tarkilar)

      • The other group seemed to be looking for something in Jzadirune, and didn’t even know about the hobgoblins operation.
      • The “short woman” was very clever and quick witted. When the group was confronted by the skulks, she was able to suss out what they were doing and resourcefully pretended that they had come to purchase slaves. The hobgoblins were summoned and the surfacers were allowed into the depths below.
      • The “short woman” secretly returned to Jzadirune while the rest of her group was still below, clearly resuming her search for whatever it was that her group came here to find.
      • She was confronted by the “SMILING GENTLEMAN.” Treasure Chest pretended to be an ordinary chest so he could listen to their conversation.
        • Wait, who?
        • Okay whatever, what did they say
      • Their conversation was quiet and hard to hear. The woman, who called herself “Grahlia,” drew some symbols on a piece of paper and the two of them talked about it excitedly. They eventually left, heading for the surface, not back down below. Much, much later, the rest of her group came back up from below, looking dispirited and angry. Treasure Chest thinks that Grahlia abandoned her friends.
      • Treasure Chest managed to steal the paper with one of his psuedopods while the two humans were talking. He trades it to the Fists in exchange for some TASTY RATIONS!
        • The paper contained a weird ideaogram. After the adventure, Iolon made his best guess as to what he thinks the symbols might mean. The results of this can be found in the documents section.

Conversation with Treasure Chest

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