Dream Journal


Noose: Although it was located where the visions indicated, recent dreams indicate that this is not a true artifact of the Hanged Man, but rather a secondary creation. A very expensive dead end.

Horn: Almost certainly a true relic of the Monster. Khyron wouldn’t dare sell us a fake, although I am certain that he knows more than he is letting on.

Left arm, wrapped in leather: Appears to be a true relic of the Hunter, but vision of the Hunter have always been confusing. I hope this doesn’t end up like the Noose fiasco. I wonder if the nobles of Thessally knew what they had in their junk pile?

The Ten Who Rule In Splendor

Hanged Man: Confusing and contradictory. Possibly dead, possibly alive.

Warrior: Probably dead. Always juxtaposed with an image of a great worm. Possibly related to the Spire Worms?

Serpent: Extant

Hunter: Confusing and contradictory. Possibly dead, possibly alive. See Hanged Man.

Wolf: Probably dead. Strongly juxtaposed with images of the void. I’m not willing to go on any more expensive space adventures for now, not after the whole noose thing.

Monster: Slain, but many indications that he was active in this region. Strong juxtapositions with the Spire of Long Shadows, Demonskar, and Cauldron itself. Common subject of visions.

Madman: The most common subject of the dreams, but also the most vague.

The Divine: Extant. Strongly juxtaposed with images of a crystal ball.

The Formless Master: Extant. Almost as vague as the madman, but less common.

Sorceress: Extant. Was temporarily diminished, but is now very clear and strong. Has become a common subject of visions.

The Thirteen Masters

An aberrant dream. I can’t remember the details, only the number and the name. Grehlia was having similar visions before she disappeared. Of course, I don’t think she left because of the dreams. She just wanted to make off with our earnings. Probably was in cahoots with the grinning gentleman all along. He never intended to actually pay us at all, did he?

Dream Journal

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