Letter from Malachite Fortress


I heard some upsetting news from our daper friend. How could you be so stupid as to let your skulks attack the townsfolk? I don’t care what deals you’ve made with the beholder. The humans won’t accept this. They will tear up the streets looking for you, and when they do find you, they will send an army and that will be the end of that.

When I funded your operation, it was NOT to aquire more meat. There are thousands of war orphans that nobody cares about and that nobody will miss. This was supposed to be a distribution operation. Distribution, as you know, is the trickiest part of the trade.

I am dissolving our business relationship as of right now. Do not expect any more aid from me. You still owe me the entirety of the seed money.


P.S. Do not think that you can avoid paying me what you owe. If the authorities don’t get you first, I will.

Letter from Malachite Fortress

Silent Fists brownbeard