Long Spire Worm Journal

Long Spire Worm

Subjects were anesthetized in the field with essence of gentle repose and were transported in a dormant state. Tarkilar reports hundreds of these creatures being present in the soil.
No obvious link to the Monster, but Tarkilar was unable to actually penetrate the spire. It is possible but unlikely that they are instead linked to the beholders that have taken up residence in the environs.

Revival of a captured subject was accomplished by decanting the vial of gentle repose and allowing the worm to dry out. Subject reacts violently to intruders, as discovered when that idiot baboon decided to get a closer look. The entire first third of its length is a mouth. The worm can prolapse itself, allowing it clamp down on its prey with startling force. That ape might have wrecked the lab with his panicked thrashings if Triel hadn’t gut-checked him with that silver hammer of hers and brought him to his knees.
The worm detached itself and now appears to be dead. Triel thinks that it might have somehow expended itself, like a bee with a stinger, but I think that it has to do more with the fact that she touched it with her hammer when subduing Tongue Eater.
Tongue Eaters physical injuries were negligible, but lycanthropes heal quickly and this shouldn’t be taken as a measure of the physical danger. He seemed even more slow witted and confused than normal, and magical assensment shows that his personal aura was slightly subdued.

Silver allergy has been confirmed. A new subject was revived and then euthanized with silver powder. Dissection reveals a physiological similarity to other annelids, however they lack any obvious reproduction system. Magical assensement gives confusing results. The worms have an aura similar to what I see on Tarkilar’s zombies, albeit more muted. Regardless of how their auras look, from a biological standpoint, they are definitely living beings. Curious.

Tongue Eater has since fully recovered, and is no longer welcome in the lab.

A Spire Worm was tested on a living subject. The method of attack observed was identical to what I saw with Tongue Eater. After a minute of panicked flailing, the subject became calm and unresponsive. The worm then crawled up his body and began devoured his left eye. Using its prolapsing jaw, it quickly burrowed into his eye socket and then completely entered the cranial cavity.

Within a few hours, new Spire worms began to issue from the eye socket. More startlingly, the subject began walking around. Subject was feral and aggressive. Tarkilar was able to control the subject by presenting his holy symbol. The worms may be living things, but the creature that they infest is certainly dead.
Triel attempted to command the worm-spawn, but failed. It must take a fair amount of divine manna to control these things. Tarkilar thinks that he can manage one more, which is convenient, because we still have one more captive.

After the Accident

I placed a ward of powdered silver across the entrance of the spawns’ chamber. They have not made any attempt to cross it. Whether it is because of their aversion to silver, or because Tarkilar still maintains some semblance of control over them, I cannot determine. Tarkliar certainly isn’t going to be telling us any time soon.

Long Spire Worm Journal

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