Loot List, Jzadirune

Platinum Crowns:
Gold Royals: 150
Silver Nobles: 5517
Coppers: 832
Total Value: 575

Jzadirune keys, full set
Silver Bracelet (25)
Citrine (50)x3
Sunrod (2)x11
Tindertwig (1)x2
Alchemist’s Fire (20)x3
Antitoxin (50)x4
Smokestick (20)x2
Universal Solvent (20)x2
Engraved Copper Cup (2) x4
Silver Cloak Pin, set with bloodstone (45)
Zircon (50) x3
Gold Comb, set with citrines (160)
Silver Ring (5) x3
Silver Locket (10)
Gold Ring (25) x2
Platinum Bracelet, engraved in dwarven “To Sondor, my deepest love. Lorthan” (175)

Ceramic Stage Mask, rabbbit-eared gnome (5)
Silver Ring, serpent motif, azurites for eyes (25)
Silver Ewer, adorned with dancing dryads and moss agates (75)
Small Music Box, engraved wood, sylvan creature motif with lapis lazuli (200)
Masterwork Mandolin (100)
Framed Painting, natural landscape (100)x6
Alchemist’s Workshop (500)

Total Value: 2562

Enchanted Items
Dust of Illusion (Infected with the Vanishing) Destroyed by Skye
Bag of Tricks (Infected with the Vanishing) Destroyed by Skye
Wand of Detect Secret Doors, 15 charges (Infected with Vanishing) Destroyed by Skye
Wand of Sleep, 8 charges


Total Value:

Cure Light Wounds (25)
Invisibility (150)
Delay Poison (75)

Loot List, Jzadirune

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