Loot List, Malachite Hold

Copper: 10,202
Silver: 8,699
Gold: 702
Platinum: 0
Currency Value: 702

Green Spinel (100)x2
Black sapphires (1000)x2
Silver cresecent moon pendant (30)
Darkwood Shield (250)
Blue quartz (10)x6
Carnelian (50)x4
Peridots (75)x4
Pearls (100)x4
Pink pearl (250)
Aquamarine (500)x2
Ivory horn set with bloodstones (450)
Ash walking cane with silver angel head (55) Coryston Pike
Exotic spices (30)
Full Plate (750)
Special Value: 5,775 -55

Bag of Holding I
Potion of Cure Light Woundsx2
Potion of Cure Moderate Woundsx3
Potion of Darkvision x2
Value: (doesn’t matter because you kept all of it)

Total Value: 6,477 – 55

Loot List, Malachite Hold

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