Map of Cauldron


These locations are keyed to the cauldron map. I have deliberately skipped some of the numbers.

1-4 City Gates Citizens of Cauldron are allowed to pass through the city gates for free; visitors must pay a 1 sp gate tax each time they enter the city. A frequent visitor to Cauldron can a purchase a month gate pass for 1 gp.

5 Town Hall Cauldron’s town hall is a single-story building and one of the oldest structures in the city. The building serves as a place for the lord mayor and his advisors to hold meetings with the nobles and other movers and shakers of the city, but they don’t actually live there. Records of ownership, historical documents, and similar archives can be found here.

6 Town Guard Barracks These buildings house the bulk of the town guard, which consists of 750 trained fighting men and women. The central area of this walled compound is used for training, an the low single-story keep is the above-ground facade for the Cauldron prison.

7 Church of St. Cuthbert The two-story church, its white marble walls suffused with veins of vivid blue, stands in stark contrast to the buildings of bare black stone that flank it on the north end of Obsidian Avenue. A pair of white marble statues depicting armored warriors stands on either side of the temples heavy oaken door. Each of the statues raises a great mace to the sky.

8. Maavu Warehouses Local merchant Maavu Arlintal keeps several warehouses here. As with most other merchant warehouses, about 50% of the holdings here are food stores for the city and are sold by the Grocer’s Guild.

9 Slippery Eel Tavern The Slippery Eel is a favorite tavern of the city’s miners, plantation workers, and other working class citizens. The foods and drink is cheap, and the town guard tends to ignore the place.

10 Cusp of Sunrise This high-society club is a favorite for Cauldron’s rich and powerful to meet and relax. Owned and operated by Lady Ophella Knowlern.

11 Maavu’s Main Warehouse Maavu devotes most of his smaller warehouses to foods storage, this location is where the keeps the majority of his actual holdings. Maavu’s primary imports are foodstuffs, entertainment, alchemical and medical supplies, books, and magic items. He sells most of his magical goods through Skie’s Treasury.

12 Tygot’s Old Things Tygot, a 120-year-old halfing, owns a small but well stocked antiquity shop on Lava Avenue.

13 Maavu Imports This modest two-story building has several meeting rooms and a bookshop on the ground floor.

14 Drunken Morkoth Inn Probably the most popular Inn in the city, the Drunken Morkoth is a regular stop for merchants, adventurers, visiting nobles and politicians. Offering comfortable beds, good food, and reasonable prices, the Morkoth is well known as far away as Sasserine.

Every room is decorated with a humorous painting of Cauldron’s legendary lake monster, a large Morkoth. Each painting depicts the monster in a number of embarrassing situations and incongruous locations, and always very very drunk.

15 Tipped Tankard Tavern This tavern is generally regarded as the best place in the city for common folk to get a drink. It’s a favorite place for off-duty city guards, and as such, brawls are fairly rare.

16 Garthun Imports This well-kept building houses the offices of Adrick Garthun, a prominent merchant whose import of alcohol, tobacco, exotic sweets, and seafood has catapulted him to the heights of success.

17 Skie’s Treasury Skie Aldersun is a gnomish retired adventurer who settled into the Cauldron region some time ago. She is the only store owner in the city whose sole market is the acquisition and sales of magical items.

Her shop is a modest building crafted from blocks of volcanic stone. The facade of the building bears dozens, if not hundreds, of symbols and sigils that have been carved into the face of the stone with chisels. One door and a pair of tiny windows face the road and overlook the lake below. Above the door, a sign proclaims the establishment to be Skie’s Treasury, but more impressive are the numerous items of treasure – rings, coins, wands, necklaces, rods, potions, scrolls and more- that seem to slowly orbit the sign and shine with a soft golden light. Every now and then, two of the items bump against each other, ringing softly like a wind chime.

Inside, Skie’s shop is packed with shelves, cases, cabinets and display stands – all sporting various items of interest to adventurers, and, according to Skie, all of them are magical.

18 Lantern Street Orphanage The orphanage rests on the corner of Lantern Street and Lava Avenue, its charcoal-colored stones held together with mold-encrusted mortar. The windows on both stories are tightly shuttered, but a few slivers of light manage to escape from within. Lanterns hang on either side of the oaken front door, mounted to which is a green copper knocker shaped like a gargoyle’s visage, its nostril pierced by a copper ring.

19 Coy Nixie The Coy Nixie is a high-class tavern and dance hall owned and operated by the Aslaxin family. Although prices here tend to be nearly double the normal asking price, the food and drink are rivaled only by the Cusp of Sunrise. These two locations have a healthy competition—while the Cusp is generally held to have better food, drink, and entertainment, there are no membership fees at the Coy Nixie. It is a favored place for the locals to play chess

20 Lakeside Pavilion This open pavilion is one of the oldest structures in Cauldron. Said to have been formed via magic cast by Surabar Spellmason himself, the pavilion is traditionally where the lord mayor issues announcements and decrees.

21 Vanderboren Manor This large manor houses the members and servants of the Vanderborn family, Cauldron’s newest nobles. Both Vanderborens got their start on their feet: Premiach as a runner for a messenger service and Aeberrin as a server at a tavern. They do not have any children, but own and fund the Lantern Street Orphanage.

22 Minuta’s Board This is a simple rooming house in which most of the poorer visitors to Cauldron rent a room. The advice that you have heard is that your purse should be carefully hidden under your pillow while you sleep here… lightly. Still, it is cheap and it keeps the rains off of your head better than a tent outside the city walls.

23 Surefoot Livery The only location in Cauldron to buy horses or other mounts and gear. Owned by Tippy Surefoot, a halfling woman.

24 Gurnezarn’s Smithy This smithy is generally regarded as the finest such establishment in the city. It’s owner, Phalian Gurnezarn, has long held his own against the relentless acquisition and domination of his trade by the Lathenmires, and has his own skill and loyalty of his customers to thank for the fact that he is now the only non-Lanthemire-owned smith in town.

25 Temple of Lordly Might This is the temple of Tempus and is either the second or third most powerful religious institution in the city (depending on who you talk to). Located in the Southwest Quadrant of Cauldron, the Tempusites sponsor many sporting events each year within the city, which seems to contribute greatly to its popularity.

26 Lord Mayor’s Residence This large walled compound is the older structure in the city. The traditional seat of power for the town, the estate’s ownership has been held by the Navalant family for the past 200 years. The current lord mayor, Severen Navalant, is well-liked.

27 Weer’s Elixirs Owned and operated by Vortimax Weer, this cramped shop is the go-to place for alchemical items and potions.

29 The Brass Trumpet This tavern was once the place to go to satisfy your vices. Now permanently shut down after a long string of violent crimes.

30 Ghelve’s Locks A small turret dominates the facade of this two-story black stone building. Iron bars are embedded in the thick window frames. Beyond the turret’s ground floor windows sits a lovely display of locks, from large to small, simple to complex. To the left of the turret, above a heave oak door, swings a simple sign that reads “Ghelve’s Locks.”

Ghelve’s Locks opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. It is also closed for about an hour around lunch time. Kegan Ghelve (gnome) charges a fair price for his locks in inventory, and offers the finest tools and mechanical devices in all of Cauldron.

31 Orak’s Bathhouse Orak’s Bathhouse is a squat, windowless building of dark stone located on Lava Avenue, due south of Bluecrater Lake. The building is normally open from noon to midnight every day. The owner, Orak Stonehaven (dwarf), runs the place with a few bath-girls to help him out. Orak charges 1 sp for a bath and another silver piece for a bar of soap. Use of a towel is free. It is not common knowledge how much he charges for the use of a bath-girl.

32 Bluecrater Academy One of the tallest buildings in Cauldron, Bluecrater Academy in the Southwest Quadrant of the city is also the primary place of learning here. The building has stories, each of which is dedicated to an increased level of education. It also has a number of towers, each dedicated to a particular school of magic.

Financed partially by tuition fees, but also by the support of nobles like Lady Ophellha Knowlern, the Aslaxins and the Taskerhills, Bluecrater Academy is where the lucky youth of Cauldron go to learn skills in arcane magic. The upper stories of the building include extensive libraries and laboratories, but membership fees are steep – 2000 gold coin.

33 Church of Lathander A single yellow spire in the middle of town marks the presence of the Church of Lathander. Having the last four elderly head priests die in recent years, young Kristof Jurgensen currently finds himself with very few in his flock. The Church of Lathander in Cauldron was, at one time, the largest church in the city. However, with the recent loss of the elders, his flock has largely diminished. And things look to get even worse as most of his 100 or so patrons are getting advanced in years.

34 House Vhalantru House Vhalantru is a stately, three-story manor located on Obsidian Avenue. Like many estates in Cauldron, it walls of mortared volcanic rock. However, the construction incorporates many wooden surfaces, and Vhalantru has taken strides to make the house appear more “elven.” The wood paneling and railings display some of the finest leaf scrollwork in Cauldron, and the windows are made of glass set in light wooden frames, with lovely silver laurel designs running through the glass.

35 Westkey’s Map Emporium This modest shop is run by Bolar Westkey (gnome), a cartographer who recently settled in the area. He sells maps of all manner, including regional and local maps.

36 House Rhiavadi This may well be Cauldron’s most conspicuous display of wealth. Lady Rhiavadi has long been one of the city’s wealthiest nobles. The building has two stories and four squat towers. Three of the towers have pointed spire caps. A domed observatory made of alabaster and glass surmounts the fourth tower. A large portico supported by four marble pillars covers the main entrance doors.

37 Taskerhill Manor This massive manor is four stories in height, and rivals House Rhiavadi in terms of splendor. The manor Is home to the fantastically rich Taskerhill family.

38 Zanathor’s Provisions A simple provisioning shop, and frequent stop for adventurers. The proprietor, Bjellkir Zanathor, is fond of telling tall tales.

39 Lathenmire Manor Given another few years, the Lathenmires could be inducted in to Cauldron’s nobility. As it stands, the family is as rich as most of the other nobles, having effectively cornened the local arms and armor trade. The Lathenmire manor is a sprawling structure with several training rooms and trophy halls in its ground floor.

Map of Cauldron

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