Nobles of Cauldron

ThifiraneLady Thifirane Rhiavadi, Professor Emeritus: Lady Rhiavadi is the last surviving member of House Rhiavadi, and its sole inheritor. She is easily the mostly wealthy person in Cauldron, and her personal mansion rivals the cathedral of Wee Jas in scope and splendor. Her private parties are as extravagant as they are exclusive.
As she nears middle age, there is some concern about what will happen to the Rhiavadi line. Although she is one of the most sought after potential brides in Cauldron, her affections are fickle and temporary.
Thirifane is a very capable Transmuter, and holds an honorary title at the Bluecrater Academy. The professorship is almost entirely symbolic, since she has no interest in teaching and detests shoptalk in general. She does occasionally accept commissions to craft magical goods, but is also easily bored and refuses most proposed projects outright.
What she says: “Why yes, this dress is fabulous, thank you. I conjured it up myself.”
What others say: “Lord Vhaluntru been visiting her lately. Maybe he will succeed where some many others have failed.”

OphellhaLady Ophelia Knowlern: The Lady Knowlern makes her home in the hamlet of Hollowsky, where she acts as the de facto mayor and liason to the city of Cauldron. The Lady Knowlern possesses a stern, commanding aura, but is also renowned for her gentle and benvolent public policies.
Knowlern owns several farms and plantations in the Cauldron region (most especially in Hollowsky), as well as the Drunken Morkoth Brewery and the fabolously exclusive club, the Cusp of Sunrise. Materially, Knowlern is the weakest of the nobles, but her good reputation and ownership of the Cusp ensures her relevance in the politics of Cauldron.
She doesn’t visit Cauldron very often, but when she does, she almost always pays a visit to her close friend Jenya Urikas of the Temple of Torm. Her social activities are otherwise perfunctory. She has had many suitors and has rebuffed them all.
What she says: “It is the duty of the nobles to make their subjects prosper.”
What others say: “A good spirit and a cold heart.”

AvanderborenPremiach vanderborenLord Premairch and Lady Aeberrin Vanderboren: The Vanderborens are the newest additions to the noblility of Cauldron, having had their titles bestowed fifteen years prior. Both Aeberrin and Premairch are of common birth and had their beginnings in menial labor, he being a messenger and she being a serving girl. They made their collective fortune through a combination of work and cunning. They own and manage a sizeable portion of Cauldron’s middle-class housing, including the Vanderboren Lofts.

The Vanderborens also operate the Lantern Street Orphanage, and their adopted son, Todd Vanderboren, was raised there.

What they say: “Todd is a good boy and the rumors of his deviancy are just another ploy to chase us out of the public sphere. We’re here to stay, get used to it.”
What others say: “Noble ares born, not made. Helm help us when Todd inherits their holdings. The adopted son of two people who were never even nobles to begin with… what kind of bloodline will that be?”

VhalantruLord Mayor Vhalantru: A half-elf of Valnian descent, Vhalantru can trace his lineage back to one of the noble families of the Freeholds. Vhalantru has no family, and ever since the war with Thessally, no homeland. What he does have is an enormous personal fortune and a strong personal charm.

Vhalantru has personally funded much of Cauldron’s infrastructure, most especially regarding security and military matters. After the death of the previous Lord Mayor, Vhalantru edged out Taskerhill in the council election, much to the latter’s consternation.

Vhalantru has a fondness for adventurers, and has acted as patron and employer for many companies. His home contains many portraits of groups that he has backed, and he proudly speaks of how they are all now doing well in the world beyond Cauldron.

Vhalantru has recently adopted a young boy named Terrem from the Lantrern Street Orphanage. Vhalantru refuses to discuss the matter, but gossip abounds. Terrem is rarely seen in public, and rumors have it that Vhalantru sent him away from Cauldron for schooling.

What he says: “Would you rebuild a city right after a flood? No, first you would build a dike, then you would rebuild. It’s only sensible.”

What others say: “Vhalantru has been in Cauldron about as long as Terrem has been born. This one isn’t hard to figure out.”

157yge0The Lady Incandessa: This striking woman arrived from Thessally several years ago and has been a fixture of high Cauldron society ever since. The title is mostly honorary. She lays claim to a minor house in Nueitar, but this has little relevance in Cauldron. Nonetheless, she commands a respect from the Cauldron nobility that they rarely show even to each other.
The Lady Incandessa possess grace and charm, and has a knack for navigating smoothly through the most awkward and challenging social situations. Her skill as a negotiator and diplomat is without equal. She has a vast network of connections, seemingly spanning the entire globe.
Her means of support is as mysterious as the rest of her. Officially, she is employed as the majordomo of the Cusp of Sunrise. While she does not live extravagantly, she has access to material resources beyond what she could be receiving from her job.
The Lady Incadessa never takes sides, never engages in gossip, and has proven that she can keep a secret.

What she says: “There is no difference between being able to do something and having a friend that can do something.”
What others say: “I bet she gets that money from her admirers.”




Nobles of Cauldron

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