Notable Personalities


Annah Taskerhill Annah is both charismatic and lovely to behold. Daughter to Lord Ankhin Taskerhill, the wealthiest man in Sasserine. The Lord Taskerhill owns most of the mines in the region and augments his vast wealth with a modest trade in obsidian furniture, to boot.

Annah has made a name for herself as the leader of the Stormblades, one of the rising stars of the local adventuring scene.

Asfelkir Hranleurt High priest of The Temple of Lordly Might in Cauldron. A half-orc.


Cora Lathenmire A member of the Stormblades, an up and coming adventuring team. Cora, daughter to Edwin and Sarah Lathenmire, arms and armor tycoons of the Cauldron region, sits quietly next to her boyfriend Zachary. Cora looks small and aloof and even unassuming, but your experience with her tells a starkly different story. A simmering anger has always been at the core of this beautiful redhead, an anger that you have personally witnessed explode in violent fashion. You have always felt her emotional state was, perhaps, attributable to the fact that despite the vast quantities of personal wealth held by her parents, the upper crust of Cauldron’s society had not, as of yet, accepted the Lathenmires as one of their own, and the title of “noble” has, of yet, eluded them. Not for lack of trying, the Lathenmires have a near monopoly on the arms and armor trade in the region as well as being the owners of all but one smithy in town. As you watch, you realize Cora is fully aware of Zachary’s clumsy attempts at flirting with Annah, but she calmly sits by and feigns not to notice. Instead, she idly talks with the lanky boy, Todd Vanderboren, sitting next to her.


Davked Splintershield Davked is an ancient dwarf who has seen centuries of life in Cauldron. He is head of the noble house, Splintershield Hall, and has a seat on the Cauldron City Council. He has survived his late wife by fifty years now and has tried in vain to raise his two sons, Xerlon and Zenith. Both sons have spent the last few decades running amok in the Cauldron region, trying to outdo the other in heroic accomplishments.


Embril Aloustinai The high priestess of Kelemvor, Embril is aloof and spends most of her time in quiet contemplation within the Cathedral of Kelemvor. Rarely is she seen in public, allowing her personal assistant, Ike Iverson, to handle these types of affairs.

Hookface A powerful red dragon who once terrorized the area round Cauldron. He has not stirred in quite a while, but is known to have a lair north of Cauldron. It is rumored that Hookface and his mate have raised a large brood over the past few centuries.


Ike Iverson Second-in-command cleric of the Catherdral of Kelemvor in Cauldron. Iverson is the public face of the church, allowing Embril to tend to her private affairs.

Jarl Khurok A great frost giant leader, Khorok subjugated the local hill giants, stone giants, and ogres a posed a serious problem for the city of Cauldron until he as assassinated by a band of adventurers.


Jenya Urikas Jenya is acting High Priest of Tyr while Sarcem Delasharn is away in Sasserine for a conclave. She takes her (unofficial, self-appointed) role of a law-keeper very seriously. Jenya made a public proclamation that the Church of Tyr would find the children recently kidnapped from the Lantern Street Orphanage.


Kegan Ghelve Kegan Ghelve, the gnomish owner of Ghelve’s Locks, is the most talented locksmith in Cauldron.

Khyron Bonesworn Leader of the adventuring party known as the Necrocants and one of Cauldron’s most wanted criminals. The church of Kelemvor has a standing bounty on his head for his crimes against the dead.

Kozomagon Lidu Founder of Liduton, now known as the Haunted Village. Kozomagon was a friend and rival of Surabar Spellmason, the founder of Cauldron. Liduton was destroyed during the decisive battle against Demonskar and Lidu herself was never accounted for.

Kristof Jurgensen Kristof is the acting head of the church of Lathander after the mysterious disappearance of the three eldest priests two years ago. Young Kristof currently finds himself with very few in his flock. The Church of Lathander in Cauldron has not flourished under the guidance of Kristof and Braeden, but it has not suffered, either.

The Church of Lathander in Cauldron was, at one time, the largest church in the city. However, with the recent loss of the elders, his flock has largely diminished. And things look to get even worse as most of his 100 or so patrons are getting advanced in years.


Lady Vanderboren Lord Premiach Vanderboren and his wife, Lady Aeberrin Vanderboren, are relatives of the powerful Vanderboren family in the city of Sasserine. The Vanderboren family is as notorious for its wanderlust as it is for its wealth and power, but at a young age Premaich and his wife rejected all of that, leaving their titles and positions behind in search of a simple life. Their travels brought them to Cauldron, where they took a position as a chef and a waitress at a popular tavern. So impressive was their business acumen, however, that when the owner of the establishment found himself deep in debt, the Vanderborens were able to pool their savings to save the tavern in exchange for 50% ownership.

Things snowballed from there, and after several real estate deals they found themselves rapidly rising back towards the upper class that they had worked so hard to leave behind in search of an honest living. They tried to counter this by donating heavily to charity (among other things, financing the Lantern Street Orphanage), but their generosity as well as their heritage quickly turned heads, and before they knew it, they were granted nobility in Cauldron. Much to their embarrassment, they have found themselves in much the same position as they originally fled back in Sasserine. Because of their age, and because of their son, they have decided to remain in Cauldron. Because of their strange attitude toward the nobility, and because they are new money, many of the noble houses in Cauldron look down upon the Vanderborens.

The Vanderborens are unable to have children of their own, so they adopted a son from the Lantern Street Orphanage shortly after its founding: Todd Vanderboren.


Lady Ophellha Knowlern Lady Ophellha Knowlern of Cauldron grew up in the village of Hollowsky. She owns many businesses in the region, the most well-known of which is the Cusp of Sunrise. She also owns a small brewery, the Drunken Morkoth Inn, and two plantations, among other holdings. She has never married and inherited much of her fortune from her late parents. When she is in town and not attending Council Meetings, she can be seen in the company of her best friend, Jenya Urikas.


Lady Thifirane Rhiavadi Lady Thifirane Rhiavadi, a somewhat snobbish noblewoman known for her conspicuous displays of wealth in public. Lady Rhiavadi inherited her wealth from her late husband, who had been years older than she, and now lives alone (discounting servants) in the most ostentatious manor in town – a multi-storeyed structure with four towers, one of which is capped with an observatory. The lady frequently hosts lavish and outlandish parties for her out-of-town guests, parties to which only a handful of locals have ever been invited.


Lord Ankhin Taskerhill Lord Taskerhill is the wealthiest noble in Cauldron. He owns several mines in the nearby mountains, as well as a prominent workshop that ships exquisitely crafted obsidian furniture and knick-knacks to the indolent cities of the north (e.g. the DSB).


Lord Vhalantru Lord Vhalantru has risen far and fast during his life. He was raised in an orphanage, trained in Sasserine as a sailor, and through some incredible luck and skill on his part, managed to make a vast fortune in the shipping business. At age 35, he sold his business and moved to Cauldron, where a sizable dona tion to the restoration of Town Hall bought him a (controversial at the time) noble title. Vhalantru is currently a wealthy bacholer, a notorious lush, and a patron both of the arts and the city’s adventuring community. He has sired no children of his own, but should he adopt one, his given name of Vhalantru would be used as their surname (as an orphan, he legally has no surname of his own). He is also a close friend of Lord Mayor Severn Navalant, and a member of his Small Council.

Although he is a human, Lord Vhalantru is an enthusiast for all things elven, and is a collector of elven poetry and artwork.


Maavu Arlintal A prominent local merchant and wizard. Maavu owns many warehouses in Cauldron and imports food, luxury items, alchemical gear, medical supplies, books, and magical items.

Nanthatoron Once the demonic leader of the hordes of The Demonskar, Nabthatoron was defeated 650 years ago by Surabar Spellmason in his campaign in the Amedio Jungle. Deceased, and possibly apocryphal.

Orak Stonehaven Orak retired as an adventurer a number of years ago. Having visited Cauldron many times in the past, he decided the place would be a good place to hang up his boots. The owner of Orak’s Bathhouse.

Sarcem Delasharn High Priest of Tyr in Cauldron. The most respected of all clergy in Cauldron. This aged man has lent his vast leadership skills and church resources to the advancement of a modern-day Cauldron. Sarcem has been out on official business of the last several months, leaving Jenya in charge.


Lord Severn Navalant Severen is Lord Mayor of Cauldron, member of the City Council and head of House Navalant.

Lord Mayor Severn Navalant is, as his title would indicate, the Lord Mayor of Cauldron. The Navalant family has held the position of Lord Mayor in Cauldron for two centuries now, and while the Lord Mayor is generally elected from among the noble families, this has been merely a ceremonial act for the last century. The Lord Mayor is a charismatic widower who did a bit of adventuring in his younger days, and has been well liked by both the commoners and the nobility.

Lord Mayor Severn Navalant rules Cauldron in conjunction with the Council of Twelve.

In recent years, Lord Ankhin Taskerhill has been working with some success to increase his influence so that he might successfully rise to the position of Lord Mayor the next time an election is called for.


Sir Alec Tercival Sir Alec Tercival is a young man, far too stern and serious for his age. Having lost his parents to the Red Death twenty year ago, Alec was only a boy when he inherited his parent’s vast coffee plantations and became master of the House.

Even though he was raised by a loving and caring staff of devoted servants, young Alec never accepted the loss of his parents. At a very early age he became a pious member of the Church of Tyr and joined the ranks of the Palidinhood of Sasserine before his seventeenth birthday. With sarcem out of town, he is second in authority only to Jenya.

He has been an active and passionate member of the Cauldron City Council since he was ten and is known for his near violent stance in favor of human rights, his fervor oftimes spilling over onto the Council Chamber floor.


Skie Aldersun Skie Aldersun is a gnomish retired adventurer who settled into the Cauldron region some time ago. She is the only store owner in the city whose sole market is the acquisition and sales of magical items.

Her shop is a modest building crafted from blocks of volcanic stone. The facade of the building bears dozens, if not hundreds, of symbols and sigils that have been carved into the face of the stone with chisels. One door and a pair of tiny windows face the road and overlook the lake below. Above the door, a sign proclaims the establishment to be Skie’s Treasury, but more impressive are the numerous items of treasure – rings, coins, wands, necklaces, rods, potions, scrolls and more- that seem to slowly orbit the sign and shine with a soft golden light. Every now and then, two of the items bump against each other, ringing softly like a wind chime.

Inside, Skie’s shop is packed with shelves, cases, cabinets and display stands – all sporting various items of interest to adventurers, and, according to Skie, all of them are magical.

Surabar Spellmason The human presence in Cauldron began about 700 years ago. At this time, a powerful mage named Surabar Spellmason led a small army inland from the recently founded city of Sasserine. He founded Redgorge, and later Cauldron—but first, he fought to rid the region of an ancient demonic taint, led by the demon, Nabthatoron.

After Spellmason confirmed that the extinct volcano posed no danger to settlers, the settlement of Cauldron thrived, since its caldera provided both natu ral defenses and a supply of fresh water. Precious metals were discovered beneath the surface, attracting communities of gnomes (who founded Jhadrizune) and dwarves (who build the Malachite Fortress). These communities mostly departed in the last 200 years, for reasons unknown.

Surabar died of natural causes some 650 years ago.


Tereson Skellerang No nonsense to the core, Tereson Skellerang is the Captain of the Cauldron Town Guard. Skellerang lives in a private dwelling in the military barracks of Cauldron.


Todd Vanberboren A member of the Stormblades adventuring company. Todd once lived like the rest of you, in middle-class anonymity until the famous plague of ten years ago took both of his parent’s lives. He was adopted by the Vandoerboren’s soon after, the newest nobles in town. Lady Aeberrin and Lord Premicah Vanderboren were not born wealthy, but, as rumor would have it, hard work and a keen eye for business catapulted the couple into the public eye, and the Lord Mayor appointed the title of noble to the couple several years back.

Triel Eldurast Ex-city guard who was captured in nearly a decade prior during an attempt to murder the Lord Mayor of Cauldron, Severen Navalant. Soon after, Triel escaped from the Cauldron jail and has not been seen since. Triel Eldurast murdered several of her fellow guardsmen during the escape and remains one of the city’s most wanted criminals, even a decade later.

Triple Tail Leader of the gnoll tribes of Demonskar. Said to be half-divine. Possibly does not exist.

Tygot Mispas The owner of Tygots Old Things is a 120 year old Halfling.

Tygot retired from adventuring 2 decades ago and has interesting stories to tell, if his mood allows and the patron interests him enough. He lives with his companion Lepook a blinkdog.

Vortimax Weer Vortimax teaches in the School of Alc hemy at the Academy and also is the proprietor of Weer’s Elixirs, a tiny shack of a shop on the lakeshore that sells potions and alchemical products.

Vortimax is possibly the most powerful mage in Cauldron, but his cranky disposition leaves him disinclined to take on apprentices.


Zachary Aslaxin Jr Zachary is the fourth and final member of the Stormblades. Zachary Aslaxin Jr., son of Lady Charisma Aslaxin and Lord Zachary Aslaxin I of House Aslaxin and holder of a seat on the Cauldron High Council sat on the far right. Zachary’s parents continue adding to the family fortune by making obscene amounts of gold off of their furniture and arts trade with the Empire. They also own the Coy Nixie where Charisma acts as proprietor and hostess. Zachary was always handsome as a young boy, and he smiled and laughed heartily. You notice he has been trying to catch the eye of Annah, near the edge of the stage. Whenever she looks his direction, Zachary smiles even wider and once or twice you spotted him even wink at her! All the while holding hands and sitting snuggly next to the blonde at his side – Cora Lathenmire!

Notable Personalities

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