The party decides to travel to Redgorge, hoping to find Maavu and convince him to return to Cauldron. They arrive via teleport and split up in search of clues. Contacting his business partners turns up nothing. Checking the inn that he stayed at reveals that he was visited by a strange man, a man with a fantastically ugly face. In spite of his memorable apeparance, no one in Redgorge knows of anyone who matches the dscription.

The party decides to pay their respects to lady Zora and ask for guidance. She prepares an herbal concoction and teaches them a charm that she says will guide them to what they are searching for, if they conduct it inthe presence of the headless demon at midnight. The charm smacks of folklore rather than magic (“Drink the potion, spin three times counterclockwise and speak your name backwards once per rotation”), and the potion itself has no magical aura, instead appearing to be an mild herbal euphoric.

The party decides to follow the directions. Shortly after completing the spell, a robed man approaches the statue, ignoring the party completely. He lights a small candle at the base of the shrine and mutters a quiet prayer.

The party confronts the man and asks him if he is Maavu. He replies that he is not, but by amazing coincidence, he knows the man and can take them to him right now, if they so desire. His hood falls back, revealing a horrible disfigured face.

The party assents, and the man casts a teleport spell, whisking them to some strange underground chamber.

community theater happens

As a show of strength, the Redgorge Foundation wants to launch an independent strike against the ogre bandits, wiping them out before the Blue Duke’s army can. The Fists agree to lead the assault.


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