Rumors will surface as the game progresses. Characters with appropriate contacts and ranks in Diplomacy (Gather Information) can discover new rumors. Rumors are less reliable than information gained through the history and local knowledge skills, but cover a wider array of topics and can hint at deeper secrets.

Here are a few freebies to get you started:

One of the children kidnapped from the orphanage is the bastard son of the lord mayor

A secret guild of halfing rogues is responsible for the kidnappins and robberies.

Someone in Cauldron trades in strange currency: coins stamped with a Jester instead of the sovereign.

A tentacled beast lives in the cold depths of the lake.

Evil cultists are kidnapping people and sacrificing them to an evil god who has two heads and tentacles for arms.

The kobolds venerate a mysterious being called the Shining One and their raids to staged to procure offerings to this being.

The Flood Festival is a front, founded years ago by a dangerous splinter factor of Hextor to fund a secret army of mercenaries hidden in caves beneath the city.

Something’s been riling up wild animals in the area for the last several months; in particular the lowland baboons seem to be especially hostile.

Some sort of evil aquatic druid has taken up residence in the lake, and it’s planning to cast a spell to lure people into the water transform them into horrible monsters.

Groups of cloaked figures have been seen jumping from rooftop to rooftop at night.

The goblins have made an alliance with the kobolds and are trying to overwhelm the city guard in preparation for a more serious attack.

More giant snakes have been spotted near the village of Hollowsky. I bet the yaun-ti of Shatterhorn are back!


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