Silent Fists

Night on the Town

-On the way back home after a long night of carousing, the party encounters an acolyte of Torm (Ruphius) being beaten by two men wearing Last Laugh colors. The thugs draw their rapiers and try to bluff the party away, only to discover that the Silent Fists always call every hand. One thug is killed and the other one is captured.

  • What was learned from the priest
    • The thugs were warning him to stay away from the Lantern Street Orphanage
    • The priest had been interviewing the orphanage staff about the kidnappings
  • What was learned from the thug
    • His name is Nilas Varkazi. His dead friend was called Hylum Ferant
    • Both men used to be members of the city guard
    • They were both recruited by the Last Laugh
    • They possessed several coins marked with a jester’s mask.

      (This never ended up making any fucking sense. At the time, I still trusted the source material and assumed that it would make sense later. I was wrong. The book does explain who is making the coins and how they are doing it, but never explains why. Sorry about the wasted brain cycles).

    • They have engaged in numerous training exercises, particularly in the use of rooftop pathways as a quick and stealthy means of moving about the city.
    • The Last Laugh seems to be recruiting hard
    • The attack on the priest was their final test before becoming full members
    • Nilas insists that they weren’t going to seriously harm the priest. They were told to dissuade him from investigating the orphanage. He does not know why he was told to do this
    • His contact is a woman named ‘Jil.’ He doesn’t find her. She finds him.

      Jil was watching the entire exchange from a nearby rooftop. I rolled perception checks for everyone, but there was basically no way anyone was going to beat her stealth score.

  • Being the most respectable member of the party, Iolon turns the captured thug in to the city guard. Belben, being the least respectable member of the party, and also the person who dealt the killing blow, hides in the ghetto and doesn’t emerge for several days. Jax and Ghydyr escort Ruphius back to the temple and meet Jenya, the acting high priestess of Torm
    • Things learned from Jenya
      • The true head of the church, Father Sarcem is away on a ‘pilgrimage’

        (he was actually on a secret errand to Thessaly to replenish the city’s dwindling stockpile of wands of water control. This errand forms the basis for the third adventure).

      • The church of Torm is very concerned about the kidnappings and especially offended by the raid on the orphanage. She has set aside 2500 gold royals from the church treasury as a reward for the return of the missing children.
      • Sir Tercival, a paladin of Torm and the other ranking member of the church, now personally guards the orphanage
      • She did not want to suck Iolon’s dick, but thanks for asking
      • Ruphius had interviewed the orphanage staff earlier that day. The only thing he learned is that no one knows anything about what happened. The kidnapping occurred at night and with such stealth that no one heard or suspected a thing

        (the unnatural stealth of the attack was never explained by the source material. While skulks and creepers are naturally stealthy, there is no quiet way to extract five screaming children from a crowded dormitory. At the time, I assumed that they had magic or something, but I was wrong).

      • Ruphius did not quite talk to the entire staff. The groundskeeper, a half-orc named Patch, was out on an errand during Ruphius’ visit. Ruphius has a vague hope that Patch might have noticed something that the others missed.

        -In the source, Jenya had access to a relic that could cast Legend Lore. It gave her a stupidly transparent poem that basically tells you exactly where to look and what to do. Naturally, she was completely stumped by it. Fucking lame. I excised that entire section, at the cost of making the investigation a bit harder.



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